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Highlights of 50th Anniversary Music Gala



The Music Gala, held on 15th and 16th July, 2021, is one of the highlights in the 50th Anniversary events of our school. The event, comprising music performances and English musical, offers a chance for Wayingers to tell their own stories.

Music Performances

It was a concerted effort of about 200 Wayingers to have made the music performances a reality – some arranged or composed the performing pieces; some acted as the coaches or conductors guiding current Wayingers; some performed virtually from home or live.

English Musical

Over 2 years of earnest endeavors made to produce a musical that tells our own story with the theme on our cherished roots in Foshan, the final product was truly a celebration for all.
Having time-traveled back to 1941 during the war time, the characters go through a transformative journey in the play to realize the greatest lesson of life and the true meaning of success.