Life Education

Life Planning Education

Our school adopts holistic approach for life planning education, with the belief that life planning is an ongoing and lifelong process for personal fulfillment, with different foci at different stages of the life time. We aim to equip students with knowledge about various study paths and the world of work, instill in them proper attitudes towards study and work, offer guidance to students on planning of their pathways and develop teachers’ professionalism in offering support for student planning.

  1. To cater for individual learning needs by helping students to reflect on their learning, understand their strengths and weaknesses and formulate their own learning plans;

  2. To empower students to make informed and responsible choices with respect to their life choices and career goals which should be matched with their own personal interests, strengths and character;

  3. To enhance students’  career-related competencies or skills in order to prepare them for further studies and/or for work as well as for life-long learning;

  4. To develop the teaching staff with the vision of career guidance as a cross-curricular responsibility;

  5. To raise teachers’ capability to conduct individual and group counselling;

  6. To tap support and resources from parents, alumni, NGOs, universities and community to enrich students’ career-related exposure and experiences.