Life Education

Moral and Civic Education

Our aim is to facilitate students to be positive and responsible in formulating their beliefs and values so as to lead a healthy life in their different spheres: personal growth, family life, school life, social life, workplace and life as a national and global citizen.

  1. To help students establish a healthy life with positive self-image, moral values and attitude; and responsible behaviors based on one’s values;

  2. To help students establish healthy relationship with their family members, relatives, friends and fellow citizens;

  3. To help students develop responsible attitudes and commitment towards sex, marriage and family, as well as make informed decision through enhanced communication and problem-solving skills;

  4. To nurture students to become active, informed and responsible citizens, with critical judgment and respect for human rights, equality, democracy, liberty and the rule of law;

  5. To develop students’ awareness in considering social problems from different perspectives and concerns for the well-being of our society, especially the needy and those less-privileged people;

  6. To cultivate in students a sense of communal identity and belonging, nurture their concern for the nation and the life of its people, and raise their awareness of global issues.