About WYC

Principal’s Words

Dr. Wun Chi Wa

Welcome to the official website of Wa Ying College. It is my honor and great pleasure to introduce Wa Ying and share my educational belief with you here.

Endowed with our founders’ vision in education, it has been our core mission to provide a well-rounded education based on biblical principles and foster a balanced development in moral, intellectual, physical, social, aesthetic and spiritual spheres. It has been our aim to guide students to lead an abundant life in Christ, with self-confidence, a serving heart, and having their potentials developed to the fullest. Over the past years, the school, envisioned by our founders, has worked towards these goals.

As the school principal, it is my mission to facilitate both teachers and students to lead a fruitful and fulfilling life. According to the Bible, what we do in our life on earth builds a foundation that will be tested in the future. It is therefore my heartfelt wish that every one of our students can build a firm foundation in knowledge and wisdom during their secondary education. And our teaching staff will dedicate their professionalism to help students explore and develop their potentials, nurture open hearts, and cultivate a caring and disciplined life.

Explore and develop potentials.  We believe that God has given every one of us unique talents for a purposeful life. It is therefore our core belief that our students should be brave to pursue their dreams and serve others with their strengths and talents. Teachers are to offer them guidance and support in their journey of self-discovery and exploration of strengths.

Be open in our hearts.  We encourage our students to open their hearts to God, the spring of wisdom, with faith, and He promises to be always there to welcome us when we seek. We also encourage them to open their hearts with humility in their quest for knowledge. They are encouraged to be receptive to teachers’ guidance and pruning over their rough edges for personal development.

Nurture a disciplined life.  No success is possible without a disciplined pursuit of our goals. We therefore place high priority nurturing our students on self-discipline. They are encouraged to exercise self-control over their will and emotions; or their potentials or dreams cannot be actualized. It is therefore important for them to learn how to keep up their spirits regardless of the challenges faced and obstacles encountered.

Cultivate a caring heart.  We believe that our God-given talents are meant to make our world a better place for humanity. The world will not be better unless we commit ourselves to serving others with love and care. Our students are therefore encouraged to serve others with their strengths and talents. If they are good at languages, they should help those who are less eloquent in the language. If they are strong at mathematics and science, they should help those who are not. Besides being willing to reach out, they should learn to serve with humility knowing that a lot of people in society are not as fortunate as they are.

To upkeep the culture and educational belief of Wa Ying College, we will continue to nurture and be nurtured with love and care. With shared visions, we work together, we care and we serve to glorify God, our Heavenly Father.